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TENS Massagers

Elegant Design

Our TENS massagers are the leading devices for portable relief of pain and discomfort. With great ease of use, breadth of features and appreciable results, the e-Pulse Ultra, Magic Massage Ultra and Smart Relief Ultimate devices are both elegant and effective.

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E-Pulse® Ultra is the most versatile portable TENS massager in the market today.  With 16 unique therapies and the ability to power four pads simultaneously, E-Pulse® Ultra offers amazing functionality in a very small form factor.  Its rechargeable battery lasts for hours of treatments and its built-in timer allows for convenient and easy  massage sessions. E-Pulse® Ultra may be used at home, work, or even while on travel.  With E-Pulse® Ultra aches and pains do not have to interfere with life!


  • Powerful 100% 100%
  • Portable 100% 100%
  • Beautiful 100% 100%

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